Welcome to the second edition of Belgium's leading conference on leveraging AI in business. See you on Tuesday May 28 at Hi!Site in Brussels! Here's why you should join:

AI5050 is your gateway to the future of AI in business. Here’s why you should join:

  • Expert insights: learn from over 40 leading AI experts
  • 2nd edition focus area: marketing & communication, HR, health, business strategy and tech
  • Cutting-edge knowledge: discover the latest AI advancements
  • Hands-on workshops: gain practical skills in interactive sessions
  • Inspiring keynote: hear from Peter W.J. Staar of IBM Research Zurich Lab
  • Networking: connect with innovators and AI enthusiasts
  • Great value: all this for just € 6,25 per speaker. Where can you find that! 🙂
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Co-Founder @ UTF.ai

Workshop: The power of prompting and AI optimisation for agents

Co-Founder & AI Product Lead @ Labsbit.ai

Workshop: From idea to AI prototype in 15 days! How to identify high-ROI AI use cases in your company and build a prototype even if you are not technical.

Head of AI & Innovation @ Keyrus

Workshop: AI tools and tactics to automate your business, marketing and sales efforts

IP Lawyer & Founder @ Alpha Legal Creatives

Session: Wat is de impact van AI op intellectuele eigendom en kunst? #legislation

Founder @ True Insights

Session: Make them click! How to create AI-boosted images that drive sales - #ecommerce #marketing

Senior AI Translator & AI Business Analyst @ MbarQ

Workshop: Unlocking value with Generative AI - Transform your business today

Co-Founder @ Orq.ai

Session: Getting AI products from playground to production

CEO & Founder @ Enigmatica

Session: What Leonardo Da Vinci teaches us about prompt engineering

Co-Founder @ Edge.be

Session: Tussen droom en daad. Een Elsschotiaanse kijk op generatieve kijk in de praktijk. - #cases

Founder & Managing Director @ ROOVER GmbH

Session: From SciFi to Reality: Supercharging your workforce with AI superpowers

Partner @ ONBRDNG

Session: R-AI - The ROI of AI

Generative AI Strategy Consultant @ ainigma

Session: Unleashing AI superpowers - how to move from resistance to revolution and drive bottom-up innovation to transform your workplace - #HR #workplace

Co-Founder @ Vectrix

Session: Locally training and comparing small, task-specific language models - a hands-on guide to fine-tuning and RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback)

Founder @ NXTGN

Workshop: How to build a competitive advantage with Generative AI - in 5 steps from business challenge to generative AI strategy

Co-Founder @ Socialize

Session: Hoe bouw en scale je een geheel B2B content systeem met AI - #marketing #contentmarketing

Managing Partner @ Aldenburgh Capital

Session: Lessons learned after building and exiting AI ventures

Business Manager @ ACCO Learn for Business

Session: Educational AI - your next business solution?

Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success @ Vespa.ai

Session: How to deploy AI and embeddings without breaking the bank

HealthNerd - Innovation Catalyst - Storyteller @ NEXXTT.HEALTH

Session: The Why, the Wow and the Well of AI in healthcare

Author & Trainer

Workshop: Prompt engineering is dead but there is a better life after death. The power of prompting and AI optimisation in agents.

Founder @ Alpha.One / expoze.io / Junbi.ai

Session: Breinbranding - hoe neurowetenschap, gedragspsychologie en AI merkbeleving en gedrag transsformeren

Founder @ The Customer Excellence Consultancy

Session: AI implementation Do's and Don'ts. Practical tips from a transformation expert.

Process Automation Strategist & Solutions Architect @ RoboRana Group

Session: Justice in the digital age - How AI reshapes legal systems

Business Consultant @ bureau boone

Session: Boost your business with AI and marketing

Founder @ No-Kno

Session: Pioneering diverse and inclusive marketing with AI for good

Machine Learning Engineer @ Datashift

Session: AI powered data management - a use case from the healthcare service industry

AI Practice Lead @ Kapernikov

Session: AI will (NOT) replace us all - How to prepare your company for the age of AI

Master Inventor, Principal Research Staff Member, Manager of AI for Knowledge @ IBM Research - Zurich Lab

Keynote: Unlocking Efficiency - Harnessing Generative AI for Business Documents and Processes

Entrepreneur - Innovator - Investor / Board member European Innovation Council @ EISMEA

Session: How European corporates look at startups to ignite AI driven innovation - #investment #innovation

CTO @ Jane

Session: Navigating the future with GPT and RAG: A roadmap to thriving in AI

Managing Founder @ The Bakery & baas.agency

Session: ChatGPT als tool voor meer sollicitaties in recruitment - #HR

Managing Director @ Keyrus

Session: Leveraging AI use cases for business and IT applications

Senior Manager AI @ KPMG

Session: Future of business - a journey from POC to AI-powered value creation

Neuro-Strategist & Founder @ BrainWolves

Session: Breinbranding - hoe neurowetenschap, gedragspsychologie en AI merkbeleving en gedrag transsformeren

Innovation Manager @ KBC

Session: Kate, KBC's digital assistant: saving time and money for over 1 million customers - #case

CEO @ The Growth Agency

Workshop: Drive growth with AI - 30 marketing tactics to implement right now

Founder & CEO @ Typetone

Session: Hyperscaling your business with AI employees

Instructional Designer @ ACCO

Session: Educational AI - Your next business solution?

Regenerator @ Emagine.life

Session: AI; catalyst for apocalypse or savior of humanity?

Founder @ BegonAI

Session: Generative AI - a system as flawed as its creators or new possibilities for the better? - #GenAI #tips

Founder @ Digital Nomadz

Session: Experimenting with AI: let a 1000 blossoms bloom

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AI will not replace you, but the person using AI will.

Entrepreneur, Digital Expert
Vincent Nys

AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity.

CEO Tesla, SpaceX
Elon Musk

Smart people focus on the right things.

President van NVIDIA
Jen-Hsun Huang

Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.

President van NVIDIA
Jen-Hsun Huang

AI is neither good nor evil. It's a tool. It's a technology for us to use.

Allen Institute for AI
Oren Etzioni