+40 Speakers / Tue. May 28 / /

Neuro-Strategist & Founder @ BrainWolves

Session: Breinbranding - hoe neurowetenschap, gedragspsychologie en AI merkbeleving en gedrag transsformeren

Co-Founder @ Orq.ai

Session: Getting AI products from playground to production

Entrepreneur - Innovator - Investor / Board member European Innovation Council @ EISMEA

Session: How European corporates look at startups to ignite AI driven innovation - #investment #innovation

Machine Learning Engineer @ Datashift

Session: AI powered data management - a use case from the healthcare service industry

Managing Director @ Keyrus

Session: Leveraging AI use cases for business and IT applications

Partner @ ONBRDNG

Session: R-AI - The ROI of AI

Co-Founder & AI Product Lead @ Labsbit.ai

Workshop: From idea to AI prototype in 15 days! How to identify high-ROI AI use cases in your company and build a prototype even if you are not technical.

Senior AI Translator & AI Business Analyst @ MbarQ

Workshop: Unlocking value with Generative AI - Transform your business today

Generative AI Strategy Consultant @ ainigma

Session: Unleashing AI superpowers - how to move from resistance to revolution and drive bottom-up innovation to transform your workplace - #HR #workplace

Co-Founder @ Vectrix

Session: Locally training and comparing small, task-specific language models - a hands-on guide to fine-tuning and RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback)

IP Lawyer & Founder @ Alpha Legal Creatives

Session: Wat is de impact van AI op intellectuele eigendom en kunst? #legislation

Founder & CEO @ Typetone

Session: Hyperscaling your business with AI employees

Founder @ True Insights

Session: Make them click! How to create AI-boosted images that drive sales - #ecommerce #marketing

Co-Founder @ UTF.ai

Workshop: The power of prompting and AI optimisation for agents

Master Inventor, Principal Research Staff Member, Manager of AI for Knowledge @ IBM Research - Zurich Lab

Keynote: Unlocking Efficiency - Harnessing Generative AI for Business Documents and Processes

HealthNerd - Innovation Catalyst - Storyteller @ NEXXTT.HEALTH

Session: The Why, the Wow and the Well of AI in healthcare

CEO & Founder @ Enigmatica

Session: What Leonardo Da Vinci teaches us about prompt engineering

Founder & Managing Director @ ROOVER GmbH

Session: From SciFi to Reality: Supercharging your workforce with AI superpowers

Founder @ The Customer Excellence Consultancy

Session: AI implementation Do's and Don'ts. Practical tips from a transformation expert.

Regenerator @ Emagine.life

Session: AI; catalyst for apocalypse or savior of humanity?

Business Consultant @ bureau boone

Session: Boost your business with AI and marketing

Process Automation Strategist & Solutions Architect @ RoboRana Group

Session: Justice in the digital age - How AI reshapes legal systems

Innovation Manager @ KBC

Session: Kate, KBC's digital assistant: saving time and money for over 1 million customers - #case

Founder @ Alpha.One / expoze.io / Junbi.ai

Session: Breinbranding - hoe neurowetenschap, gedragspsychologie en AI merkbeleving en gedrag transsformeren

Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success @ Vespa.ai

Session: How to deploy AI and embeddings without breaking the bank

CEO @ The Growth Agency

Workshop: Drive growth with AI - 30 marketing tactics to implement right now

Author & Trainer

Workshop: Prompt engineering is dead but there is a better life after death. The power of prompting and AI optimisation in agents.

Founder @ NXTGN

Workshop: How to build a competitive advantage with Generative AI - in 5 steps from business challenge to generative AI strategy

Founder @ No-Kno

Session: Pioneering diverse and inclusive marketing with AI for good

Senior Manager AI @ KPMG

Session: Future of business - a journey from POC to AI-powered value creation

CTO @ Jane

Session: Navigating the future with GPT and RAG: A roadmap to thriving in AI

Founder @ BegonAI

Session: Generative AI - a system as flawed as its creators or new possibilities for the better? - #GenAI #tips

Co-Founder @ Edge.be

Session: Tussen droom en daad. Een Elsschotiaanse kijk op generatieve kijk in de praktijk. - #cases

Managing Partner @ Aldenburgh Capital

Session: Lessons learned after building and exiting AI ventures

Head of AI & Innovation @ Keyrus

Workshop: AI tools and tactics to automate your business, marketing and sales efforts

AI Practice Lead @ Kapernikov

Session: AI will (NOT) replace us all - How to prepare your company for the age of AI

Founder @ Digital Nomadz

Session: Experimenting with AI: let a 1000 blossoms bloom

Instructional Designer @ ACCO

Session: Educational AI - Your next business solution?

Managing Founder @ The Bakery & baas.agency

Session: ChatGPT als tool voor meer sollicitaties in recruitment - #HR

Business Manager @ ACCO Learn for Business

Session: Educational AI - your next business solution?

Co-Founder @ Socialize

Session: Hoe bouw en scale je een geheel B2B content systeem met AI - #marketing #contentmarketing