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Prepare to have your mind blown as we unveil our upcoming schedule! 

We promise no boring speeches or awkward dance moves, just pure awesomeness in the making!

Each track is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of AI’s role in various sectors and equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the AI-powered future. Experience practical, hands-on sessions, inspiring keynotes, and informative workshops tailored for your industry.

You will discover:

  • how to increase online awareness with automated SEO
  • how you can gain more business as a start-up
  • which free tools you can use to improve daily business planning
  • all details about the upcoming AIact
  • what you can or can’t do with AI in your company
  • who is liable when experimenting with AI
  • how to write (business) strategies
  • why and how robotics will help businesses in the near future
  • how we can optimize our mobility and logistics
  • to which level we can decrease energy consumption in our companies

Join us at AI5050, and let’s shape the future together!

So, be ready for:

Tracks with inspiration, cases, workshops
Experts on stage
AI Aspects


Dive into how AI is transforming the marketing landscape. Understand how predictive algorithms in ML can hyper-target customers, how Generative AI enables personalised content creation at scale, and how Conversational AI and NLP can revolutionize customer engagement. Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies to uplift their marketing initiatives using AI.


This track explores the disruptive potential of AI in the financial sector. From ML-based risk assessments to Generative AI modeling financial scenarios, NLP-driven customer service to Deep Tech innovations for fraud detection, this track is a deep dive into how AI is revolutionizing FinTech.


Discover how AI is streamlining the legal industry. Learn how ML can analyse legal precedents, how NLP can aid in contract analysis and legal research, and how Vision AI is digitizing paperwork. Witness how Deep Tech is pushing the boundaries of legal tech, paving the way for a more efficient justice system.


This track delves into the heart of Industrial Robotics AI, a field revolutionizing manufacturing, logistics, and beyond. Uncover how Machine Learning algorithms enable robots to learn and improve tasks over time, how Vision AI assists them in navigating complex environments, and how Deep Tech is driving the next generation of industrial robots. This track illuminates a future of increased productivity, accuracy, and safety in industries across the globe.


Building a Sustainable Future

Join us in this integrated track where we fuse Smart Cities and Energy, two arenas being dramatically reshaped by AI. Discover how Machine Learning is streamlining public services and forecasting energy consumption, how Vision AI is fortifying city security and inspecting energy infrastructure, and how Deep Tech innovations are pioneering renewable energy solutions. This track invites you to envision a future where technology and sustainability merge, crafting AI-powered cities running on intelligent energy systems. Be part of this journey to a smarter, greener future.


This track is all about leveraging AI to drive startup success. From ML to predict market trends to Generative AI for innovative product design and NLP for robust customer relations, get insights on how startups can utilize AI tools to disrupt the market and thrive.


This track covers the intersection of AI and transportation. Explore how ML is powering autonomous vehicles, how Vision AI is revolutionizing navigation, and how Deep Tech is fostering new advancements in smart mobility. This track paves the way for a future of safer, efficient, and sustainable transportation.


Get hands-on experience with the tools that are shaping the AI revolution. Learn how ML tools can help with data analysis, how Generative AI tools can enhance creativity, and how NLP tools can revolutionize text analysis. This track empowers you with the tools needed to thrive in the era of AI.


Witness how AI is revolutionizing healthcare. From ML predicting disease patterns to NLP improving patient communication and Vision AI enhancing diagnostics, explore how AI can improve care, reduce costs, and save lives.


This track delves into how AI is fortifying security. Learn how ML can identify cyber threats, how Vision AI can enhance surveillance, and how Deep Tech is developing new protective measures in the ever-evolving digital landscape.