Meet the organizers of AI5050

Welcome to AI5050, Belgium’s premier conference dedicated to exploring the business opportunities of artificial intelligence. Our event is made possible by the passion, expertise, and dedication of three remarkable individuals: Vincent Nys, Rik Lagey, and Rien van den Bosch. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, and event management to create a one-of-a-kind AI-focused experience.

Vincent Nys: The Innovation and Technology Guru

Vincent Nys is not your typical 33-year-old entrepreneur. He’s a visionary and a digital native who lives and breathes technology and innovation. As the former CEO of NewFusion, a Flemish Digital Media Agency, Vincent oversaw its transformation from a small startup into a successful company serving the media and marketing needs of prominent brands. Vincent’s ability to fuse technology and marketing led to the creation of unique and exciting experiences with a personal touch. Following NewFusion’s merger with Silicon Valley Tech Startup LiveReach Media, Vincent took the lead in the European Department.

Today, Vincent focuses on creating technical solutions for companies like Keytrade Bank. He’s also an active member of the startup community, where he explores the realms of contextual offline communication, AI, and Machine Learning. Vincent Nys is not just a tech enthusiast; he’s a driving force behind AI5050, sharing his insights and passion as a public speaker. (view or listen to his insights in the VRT broadcast of ‘Het Digitale Dilemma’ (in Dutch): Van je microfoon aanzetten tot je scherm ontgrendelen: Temu, de privacynachtmerrie die TikTok ver overstijgt | Lees | Radio 1 )

Rik Lagey: The Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Rik Lagey is a man with a passion for innovation, social media, and creative strategies. As a co-organizer of events like #SMDAYBE, and a trusted partner of the Community Brand Network, Rik brings his expertise to AI5050. His experience spans the realms of E-marketing, Global E-concepts, Social Media, Mobile, Branding, Digital Marketing, Communications, CRM, Social CRM, Employee & Customer Engagement, and Community Marketing.

Rik’s enthusiasm extends beyond the digital world; he’s also an avid family man and enjoys activities like basketball, squash, skiing, and even shark-related interests. With a deep knowledge of marketing and digital technologies, Rik Lagey plays a vital role in making AI5050 a success.

Rien van den Bosch: The Strategic Marketing Expert

Rien van den Bosch is a seasoned professional in managing teams, departments, and companies. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to spearhead numerous marketing projects. Specializing in social media, content marketing, lead generation, and online sales, Rien brings a wealth of experience to AI5050.

Rien’s strategic prowess shines in the realm of B2B events, where he’s played a key role in (co-)organizing conferences such as Strategic Marketing Day, The Sales Summit, Revenue Boulevard, The 5th Conference, Drone Convention, GDPR Conference, CDO Conference, and of course, AI5050. Rien’s ability to create and curate successful events makes him an invaluable asset to the AI5050 team.

Together, Vincent Nys, Rik Lagey, and Rien van den Bosch form a dynamic trio, united by their passion for artificial intelligence and their commitment to exploring the vast business opportunities it offers. They invite you to join them at AI5050, where innovation, technology, and marketing converge to shape the future of AI in the business world.

What we offer / What we offer / What we offer /
Cutting-Edge Insights:

AI5050 provides attendees with access to the latest breakthroughs, trends, and innovations in artificial intelligence, ensuring they stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

Practical Applications:

The conference features real-world case studies and practical workshops, enabling participants to apply AI concepts and strategies directly to their businesses or projects.

Networking Opportunities:

Attendees can connect with industry experts, researchers, and fellow enthusiasts, fostering valuable collaborations, partnerships, and career opportunities.

Inspiration and Vision:

AI5050 inspires attendees with visionary keynote speakers, sparking fresh ideas and perspectives that can shape the future of AI development and implementation.