Founder @ The Customer Excellence Consultancy

Eva Champagne

An innovator at heart, I am currently exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize business strategies and address societal challenges. My recent completion of the executive education program at MIT on Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy has further enriched my understanding and passion for the field. As a technological optimist, I champion the transformative power of Generative AI, advocating for its role in propelling human progress (#AIforGood).

With a rich background as a strategic advisor, serial entrepreneur, and passionate TEDx speaker, I am also venturing into angel investing, driven by a commitment to fostering sustainable business ideas and collaborations. My work primarily focuses on guiding corporates and SMEs towards achieving Customer Excellence, thereby ensuring their sustainable growth.

In my upcoming talk, I will share actionable insights and strategies for integrating AI into your business operations, drawing from my extensive experience and recent academic endeavors. Join me as we demystify AI, unlocking its potential to enhance organizational performance and solve complex challenges.
In sharing my insights on ‘How to Get Started with AI: Practical Tips & Tricks’, I draw from a rich tapestry of experiences, aiming to demystify AI for businesses and lay bare the practical steps towards digital empowerment. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your own AI journey, underpinned by a philosophy of lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence in the digital age.

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