Managing Partner @ Aldenburgh Capital

Filip Maertens

Prior to a pioneering career in cyber-defense in the early 2000s, Filip has built an impressive career in AI away from the spotlights. Therefore, this talk is rather exceptional. As a discreet entrepreneur and investor, Filip has spent over a decade of building and exiting various reputable ventures in AI, having been responsible for adding over 100m Euro to the local AI economy in Antwerp and the creation of hundreds of jobs in the field since 2011. Having been at the forefront of AI in Belgium and Singapore, he is able to translate first-hand and hands-on industry leadership experiences into strategies and approaches that gives founders he advises and coaches a competitive edge. As Partner of the corporate finance boutique, Katalyte, he is closely involved in supporting M&A and investment activities for various tech companies in Europe where he is responsible for various transactions in the AI industry.

He is a contemporary art collector, and when he is not spending time with his racing team, he works as a dairy farmer, or on his debut book “A Posteriori” (due end of 2024).

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