Founder @ Digital Nomadz

Jeroen Derynck

With over twenty years at the helm of transformative business initiatives, Jeroen Derynck is a seasoned executive known for propelling companies into the future through innovative strategies in Sales, Service, Marketing, and IT. His expertise lies in turning complex challenges into successful business outcomes, underpinned by a strong background in professional services, strategic consulting, and customer success. 

A visionary in the technology space, he serves as a trusted advisor, fostering collaborative environments and guiding C-level executives towards achieving company-wide digital transformation. 

With Digital Nomadz, Jeroen intends to reshape the consulting space in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the future of work. His focus is on helping small and medium-sized enterprises to harness the potential of AI and remote working technologies without blowing the bank. His unique approach combines design thinking, agile methodologies and experimentation thus guaranteeing successful outcomes in the short term. 

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