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Juul van Kessel

Juul’s background lies in industrial engineering, where he was quickly inspired by the inefficiencies he observed in the use of technology and data by employees. This insight led him to the world of artificial intelligence (AI), to which he has been fully dedicated since 2018. Driven by the dream of improving work processes and unlocking human potential, Juul co-founded UTF ai with Giulio Tosato in 2023.

UTF ai: The New Way of Working

UTF ai is redefining the workplace with advanced AI technologies. The company introduces a new era of interaction with systems through Natural Language Interface (NLI). This allows employees to interact with technology and data in a natural and intuitive way via personal AI assistants. This approach frees employees from complex tasks and promotes creativity and efficiency, placing humans at the center of managing and controlling tasks. UTF ai paves the way for a future where humans and technology work seamlessly together.


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