Co-Founder & CEO @ Idlegcy // Co-Founder & CEO @ AEMO Quantum

Maura Declercq-Mindrila

Maura Declercq – Mîndrilà, is a Belgian M&A Lawyer turned serial Entrepreneur with 3 successful exits so far. She is currently the founder and CEO of 2 tech startups. Idlegcy is a Belgian tech startup in AI for large enterprise clients and their third party providers to process data in a more ethical & compliant way and for customers to find out how their data is being used and by whom, so they can take action. The latest startup, in stealth mode, is AEMO Quantum: a US-based quantum deep tech company, which positively impacts human emotions. Maura is an investor partner with the Madrilenian VC Company Farraday Venture Partners. Maura is a global networker, fluent in 6,5 languages. She came in contact with politics and networking at age 16, has lived in 4 countries and is currently based in Madrid, Spain. She believes in the power of collaboration; a positive impact in society can be achieved by empowering people with a mix of technology, community, education and positive disruption! Values she likes to share on podcasts and key notes worldwide. Maura studied International & European Law and Economical Law in Dutch and French at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in collaboration with HUBrussel and at the 1 Saint-Louis University in Brussels. She also holds a degree in Fashion from the Akademie for Fashion and Design (AMD) in Hamburg, Germany. But at heart, she is a true polymath, a visionary and a strategist with deep knowledge of topics, like quantum physics, technology, philosophy, mathematics, business, economy, sociology, biology, cinema, gastronomy, music and so much more…

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