Ruben Miessen

I am a co-founder, product and business leader at LegalFly, an AI-powered start-up that’s transforming the legal landscape. With over 8 years of experience in product management and entrepreneurship, I have a passion for solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions for the digital world.

At LegalFly, we are devoted to enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and privacy in legal procedures, empowering legal professionals to dedicate more time to strategic undertakings by automating contract review, contract drafting, and legal document anonymisation. We leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to deliver the most powerful contract analysis and generation platform in the market.

Prior to LegalFly, I led several successful start-ups and projects, including MAGGY, a social distancing device and app that helped businesses operate safely during the COVID-19 crisis. I also partnered with Match Group, where I orchestrated the shutdown of two prominent Belgian social platforms, Twoo and Ablo, and facilitated the migration of millions of users to newer platforms. I was instrumental in establishing Tinder’s first European tech hub in Ghent, and later worked on new initiatives for Plenty of Fish.

My track record, recognised by Tinder, Plenty of Fish, the European Commission, Entrepreneurs Organization, and Web Summit, demonstrates my ability to launch, scale, and manage products and teams across different domains and markets.

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Legal AI Revolution: Balancing Efficiency & Privacy