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Tom Braekeleirs

Tom Braekeleirs is a former corporate executive who became an entrepreneur and an innovation leader in digital health. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, working for companies like EDS-AT Kearney, Navision and Microsoft. In 2015, he switched careers to lead the BlueHealth Innovation Center, a not-for-profit that supported digitalization in healthcare and through the coaching of health-tech startups. Mid 2023, this organization became part of imec, after which Tom became a professor at Ghent University, speaker at Nexxworks and founded Nexxtt.Health. He is an advisor, podcaster, speaker, lecturer and columnist on topics such as the future of health, digital technology and entrepreneurship. He has worked with leadership teams around the globe from organizations ranging from a few to a few thousand employees. In 2022, he received the PRoF Award for Innovation for his contribution to advancing digital innovation in healthcare. His personal motto is: “Change the world, or go home!”

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