Ulrich Seldeslachts

Meet Ulrich Seldeslachts, the executive director of—a prominent not-for-profit industry association based in Belgium and operating across Europe. Already active with AI for nearly two decades,  LSEC focuses on Cyber Security and Data Protection, bringing together enterprise and government users, industrial ICT Security expertise, and academic researchers. We apply a versatility of AI solutions in Cybersecurity, utilizing analytics, AutoML, GenAI, behavorial analytics, language processing and automate cybersecurity with AI and …

We hack your AI …

Thanks to the European Commission’s financial support, we can support digital security including AI transformations in micro, small and medium sized companies. We have a slight focus towards industry, retail, health and innovative ict (fintech, healthtech, …).

With a rich background as a thought leader in Cyber Security since 2002, Ulrich’s expertise extends to domains such as GDPR and data protection, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Insider Threats, and Cyber Security Market Analysis. He has held key positions in corporate development for a US-European Broadband wireless operator and operational ICT security roles at Orange.

Ulrich’s extensive experience includes coordinating digital transformations, running commercial websites for renowned international companies, and advising Smart City development projects across various cities. His passion for digitizing manufacturing with IoT and Industrial Internet led him to establish, a transformation platform. Additionally, within the European Connected Factory, Ulrich takes charge of addressing Cyber Security and Privacy challenges for advanced manufacturing platforms.

At LSEC, Ulrich leads a team of 18 experts, dedicated to paving the way for a more secure industrial internet. He is also a board member of the Privacysalon and actively involved in organizing—the leading European conference on privacy and data protection.

Ulrich holds a BA in Communications, postgraduates in Computer Science, and an MBA from LBS. With his deep knowledge and passion for Cyber Security, Ulrich continues to make significant contributions in the fight against organized crime and terrorist networks from a Cyber Crime perspective.

Join Ulrich Seldeslachts and hear their experiences with AI on the forefront of Cyber Security and Data Protection, shaping a safer digital landscape for industries and society as a whole.