AI revolution in higher education and research: blessing or curse?

We delve into AI’s impact on the core components of educational institutions: teaching, applied research, and social services. 

The emergence of technologies like ChatGPT brings a wide range of opportunities and challenges for educational institutions. It demands an innovative approach in incorporating this technology into teaching and evaluation methods. It’s crucial not to overlook the ethical and legal aspects concerning fairness, transparency, responsible use, and plagiarism. In this session, we will offer a concise overview of both the benefits and potential pitfalls. 

AI also opens up a world of possibilities for applied research. We’re excited to present some ongoing and completed AI-research projects at Odisee. We will wrap up by discussing how insights from these projects are being transferred to SMEs. 

Meet Saskia Vanden Eede

Meet Thomas Van den Bossche

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By Saskia Vanden Eede & Thomas Van den Bossche
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