Educational AI: your next business solution?

As an organisation and scientific publisher focused on lifelong learning, Acco has been steadily investing in how AI technology can help learners digest vast amounts of content. We developed an AI tool which can prompt our published content and return personalised answers to the end-user. This technology opens a lot of possibilities in how we (and other organisations) can deliver content to an end-user. This experiment lead to excitement in the business world, mainly in area’s like support, onboarding and knowledge databases. During this session we will demo the pilot we’ve created for educational purposes and share our ideas on how this tool can help employees in organizations in obtaining and maintaining knowledge. The main goal of this presentation is to inspire on what’s possible with AI, based on our extensive expertise on didactics and content creation. How did we manage to allow prompting of (protected and personalized) content through the use of AI Why is this an interesting use-case from a learning point of view (what scientific and didactical reasons are there to use a tool like this?) How can we integrate this same idea in companies? We’re looking forward to welcoming potential listeners, and who knows? We may be working together towards using AI in your own company.

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by Anke Vande Velde & Mathieu Demulder